Surviving Life by Sarah Gannon

My name is Sarah Gannon. I live in Coastal North Carolina, which is beautiful and inspiring enough even if you haven’t lived much of a life at all.  That isn’t the case with me. I have lived through some pretty interesting stories in my life, which is why my blog is named the all encompassing “Surviving Life”.  People have often told me that I should write a book, or that I have an interesting way of seeing things.  In college my English professor told me I had a knack for writing, and my Aunt Becky has told me that I got the “story telling gene”.  So I finally did it! I started a blog! There is so much going on inside my head that I decided maybe if I put it somewhere, I will finally be able to sleep.  I hope you enjoy my stories!  Some of them will be things that really happened to me.  Some of them will be things that happened to people I know.  Some of them will be things that haven’t even happened. If I do a good enough job, you will never be able to tell the difference, but you will enjoy them none the less!


Sarah Gannon

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